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Long Break for me

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Long Break for me

Hi i've decided to take a very long break or completely , I have no motivation to play, this game annoys me at the highest point and seeing the recent events I feel bad. Idk why but i started trolled ingame what I've never done before,the best is to leave quietly.

I will miss you my friends. I shared great time here over years here, but everything must end.

Good luck to all those who will play again, i can't handle it anymore i gave up ....

Boss family <3 i will miss you

Jaan keep moderator you're doing well

Armani you acp legend

Blacky you 1v1 none master

Carmen' Celcon you are the pros and friendly

Carnage loved our high 2v2 in time u beast

Melix my bro

the frenchies Charlie Crowly Frans Tanguy vous êtes des mecs en or j'ai passé du bon temps a jouer avec vous

Inge the 5 speeds controllers

Nitro the thin monster

Arrow, henrik the funniest players

Nick you legend

Kaleb you legend too

Celine you're a Vip

Forget some

Dam i will miss you guys --'

Au revoir





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Clan: Vito

Gwen mon cheri <3

Very sad to here about you leaving, we will for sure miss you here !

But I can totally understand your point, take your time bro.

Merci beaucoup for mentioning Arrow and me, that really made us laugh x)

-your two funniest players mdr

Clan: RovU

Bye legend :(

I hope your break will do you good, but its sad to see you leave Gwen </3

love from celi

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How is making a topic = leaving quietly?


pumpin dem irons

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ay good for bro, dead game since 2015, enjoy your free time


It was a pleasure playing those 2v2's with you. If I had a good pc and not a laptop, damn we could have done some great things. Sorry for all the times we fucked up in team games.

See you 


Clan: WnR

buuuuuullshit. I hope ur gonna change ur mind as soon as the 1v1 gs tournament starts man


I enjoyed the two 1v1s we had. Maybe we can vs some more another time.

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Clan: dad

Thank you Gwen for the good time we have spent together, during the fun and tournament games. I really enjoyed it and I hope you'll be back in the future to get some news.

You have been a good player from the begining and I admit I was really impressed by your skills improvements in the past year.

I remember that I wanted to organize a french CF friends Lan in France but my work evolution didn't help to free enough time :(. Maybe it will happen in the future if CF2 is still alive.

Good luck with your career life and enjoy the life mate ;)

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it's been a pleasure to know you. I really appreciate that you have been helping me with recording official tournament's finals, camp competition... You put a lot of time into helping me, that's one of the many reasons why I respect you! Thanks for the nice games we had and sorry if you lost many times cause I played horrible... If you are not returning to the game, I wish you best of luck for your future! May your dreams come true! If you are returning, I hope to see you in game and maybe we will have some nice games! :)



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Shikon. on 6 November, 2018 - 23:15

Its Land M


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Thank you for the great time we had, I enjoyed it a lot :)

I remember that you were one of the first people I've met in this game. You asked me to play the 3v3 gspeed tournament with you, where this lucker pleiades won :o Unfortunately, I wasn't premium to that time and a total noob, but I was really happy that you even gave me the offer. 2 years later we won together your first tournament :D

I will miss you c:

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You made the right decision my friend. I was thinking about the same these days. It's not that this game is not funny to play, but not as funny as before. Sometimes I get so addicted to this that I could be playing 5 hours straight and when I go out I always ask myself "dang man this time passes by so fast!". I always think I could spend the time better, even if I only played a couple of hours.
So I decided to take a break too and see what comes out.

I really liked some people here. When I saw the post about Vito's death it amazed me how hearthwarming those comments were, beautiful souls.

See you my friends :D

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Clan: EZ

Ah MAN, thank you for playing with me, it’s been pleasure to know you over 3 Years and watching your skills improvements, your gameplay!

See you again here hopefully my friend! (We are in the wap group thought) ;D

Have a good one!

With love your Bosses!




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Take care bro, see ya! *bye*