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Login problem

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Login problem

I've had this problem a few times before so..

I am playing in a game and suddenly lose connection to the server, while still having internet connection.

When I try to log back in it just keeps on saying Signing in... without ever being able to sign in.

Most of the time it fixes itself after an halfhour but it's getting rather annoying because I lose quite a lot of games because of this bug and because I look like I leave so I lose even more rank.

A compensation/fix for this problem would be nice/appropriate I believe!

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This isn't a bug. This just happened to everyone at the same time. It's the second time it's happened (as far as i know) in a couple days. The new servers are apparently pathetic.

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Thanks for the response but is it really for everyone at the same time? Because I never hear from others that it happened to them too if it happens to me.


It is not for everyine at the same time. I also had it, I recorded it, I gave them all, but as you can see, bug still isn't fixed, and it won't be unfortunately. But hey, in the meantime you can visit facebook, youtube, or maybe study, that's something positive in this bug :) , deal with it.

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Hi PeetsPower,

That's unfortunate :( I have never experienced this myself, unless I pulled my ethernet cable out by accident (which meant my IP address changed while connected to the server). Other than this, I can't really advise on your problem. The devs will need to be able to recreate the problem to fix it, so any further help on that would be great :)