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lnge and Reals 100% record

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lnge and Reals 100% record

Just a special memory for all to see of the record of 56 plays 100% wins and 2k all at once. Will never ever be broken


I can dare anyone to try but it can only be done when two gods combine. 

47 Plays

50 Plays

56 Plays

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ffa eu top 0.4%
1v1 eu nr. 6
team eu nr. 50

u are (were) great players, and gz brother, but this happened long time ago :s

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ffa eu top 0.4%
1v1 eu top 3.4%
team eu top 1.3%
Clan: Jeff

I challenge you lnge: 

  • FFA: 1000 rank
  • Team: (100 games, 100%win)
  • 1vs1: 1000 rank

Good luck, have fun ;)

My name is Jeff.

not a challenge unfortunately. but maybe someone in the quickplay game mode could try that

ffa eu top 0.4%
1v1 eu nr. 85
team eu top 1.7%

Did Luckyralf and madara beat you in 57th game?

ffa eu top 0.8%
1v1 eu top 32%
team eu top 6.3%

hahahaha Biggrin actually managed to win that one also ;P 57 plays 100% wins.