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Let's promote Curve Fever

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My idea is a beautiful app for all systems --> Windows phone Android IOs...

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you should make a app on apple and andriod

Blum 3

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A T T E N T I O N       P L E A S E !

Imagine you are a new player, never played this game before. What do you do? You see some crazy servers with weird names, a black background and some numbers. Its complicated at first! For us it is easy to navigate throw this game but it isnt for a newcomer!

My "Idea": Make a little tutorial with some funky bubbles, easy english and jokes! not a video, a tutorial! you see the page after logging in, and then is for example the table where your own name is with the stats circled in and commented like "Here you can see your stats" while the whole background with the servers is darker than the circled in screen.

ok, i know, we need players..but i showed the game some friends and they tried to play but said it would be stupid because they dont understand it, its a little bit confusing and and and....

make it "easier", so the newcomer want to stay, not to leave ;)

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No promotion, but a really good idea! Adopt it, Geert, in behoof of the game!

WranDon - the forum slut

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I want to have Curve fever in my Android phone, ofc in Iphone as well. 

Hopefully it will gain more player. And also a lot of achievements :) The rank system should change to a graph and I will have a national, also a friend legue, eg Facebook :)  Good point, Etzomat (y) 


Did not read the topic, I'm sorry if I repeat.
just turn the game into various languages ​​of Europe. For example, in Russian (I'm Russian lol) it will make the interface more friendly, people will be divided into the game, which is made on the language they understand.

Clan: THC

If you are premium you can choose powerups,I think there should be a button or a commando where you can remove everything except one for example. I mean if you just drag and holding on the mouse button, those powerups you are draging over shall be on/off

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Clan: 666

Funny joke: Your rating.

Fucking fgt.

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Clan: 666

your faking ratiing system sucks.

Fucking fgt.

Clan: GWLS

Einen neuen Modi wo man für jede Sekunde die man lebt Punkte bekommt :D


Sry German

improve the fucking collision detection.


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Clan: SRB

geert,dont change anything,this is like it should be. maybe just 5 vs 5.sincerely tutan.


lol guys some of your ideas are pretty good but you should stay to the topic: "how to promote curve fever"

I still want some more youtube relation cause i think this is the easiest way to get more players. Maybe a commentary or something by a good player, an already "famous" youtuber or an offical cf youtube account

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Maybe some players with a famous Twitter/Facebook can post some stuff about CurveFever.
I think youtube doesn't help very much, because you only find CurveFever videos if you are searching for keywoards which are similar to CurveFever.

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CurveFever Moderator
Don't you deal with my decisions, please send me a private message.

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Make an application for Android and Apple, and you'll have more much players!


Clan: LOSP

Maybe you can add something that you can play curve fever on ipad. 
I mean that you can use the left and right half of your screen to navigate.

That would be so awsome!!

Clan: LOL

OMG het is zo leuk maar je moet het ff snappen PROBEER HET NU!!!


Q Best promting tactic?
A Dont promote.

(Also get rid of them 15 sec u have to wait at start while NO ads are even showing... it scares stoners away


Mabye asingle player labyrinth?



make an app about this game... and if people play it on pc promote the app... when they play the app, then promote the pc version... and more collors would be nice



Reward people for signing up friends.

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do you have plans of making an app for curve fever?


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geboers wrote:

do you have plans of making an app for curve fever?

It's being produced, yes.


Clan: LvLy

thats nice, cuz curve via flash player on mobile phones sucks.


Make toilet seat covers with curve fever logo design. Someone might buy it.


you should have a new powerup. that erases a small area around u. it should be a gernade powerup.


have a mobile version of curve fever. where u tilt your phone to control the line or have touchscreen buttons at the bottom to control the line.


chazzytho wrote:

Make toilet seat covers with curve fever logo design. Someone might buy it.


Hahahaha :D


i cant watch turnament? :O


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I don´t like curvefever because there are so much rasist comments.......... Me as an neggro feel very alone when somebody wirtes that stuff! ITS AINT ABOUT YOUR MAMA. It feels like apartheid all over the place!!!!




Ya bliad vsim drugam tsiu igru zastavliayu igrate, pistaliet v rukah y bliad igray cyka


make it app on lumia 520,iphone,ipad


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What I am going to purpose is already an established feature in multiple online games and I think it would benefit your game greatly.

It is a great way to promote your game online and offline and you create a better connection between the staff and the players.

Brand Ambassadors!

Brand Ambassadors would be the backbone of your community. It would involve dedicated, helpful, innovative volunteers that woul help make Curve Fever a great place to hang out, play and listen to music.

Brand Ambassadors (BAs) do the following:
Help out the Curve Fever user community and represent good user behavior.
Help promote Curve Fever around the world and introduce new users to the site.
Help Curve Fever staff with special projects.

In return for their invaluable support to the Curve Fever community, BAs earn the following:
A green name and a special icon in the chat.
Special permissions on the site that help them moderate.
Membership in a fun, special community of fellow BAs from around the world.
Direct access to Curve Fever administrators.
The chance to learn valuable new skills and directly apply them to real-world situations.

Being a Curve Fever BA requires at least a couple hours a week of your time, and you are welcome to leave the BA program at any time without penalty.

They would be serious individuals that would help the players, do all kinds of research that would help create new ways of promoting the game.

Serious and mature BAs would help to promote the game offline with various events etc.

They would be the first contact between the players and the staff.

I think this would be a great addition to your community. What other duties and roles would the BAs be doing is completely on you. This is only an idea in a rough form. I see it as a big potential for many things especially in the promoting of the game and web site.

Best regards,
Curve player and Curve Radio DJ,
Piroman :)

Clan: PL14

Maybe do a mobile version :)

For 1 player and arrows instead of chat.

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Clan: IMOG

You should make accounts on:



and make an app for Apple and Android!


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Ihr könnt noch neue Farben wie Gold Silber und Braun hinzufügen.
Dann könnt ihr noch alle Farben zu einem machen und den dann Colourking nennen.
Man könnte es noch so machen das wenn man etwas zum verbessern schreibt,dass dann umgesetzt wird das man dafür Premium bekommt und jeden Monat 100 Coins bekommt.
Die Coin werden dann mehr, wenn man noch mehr zum verbessern weiß.
Damit könnte man die Spieler antreiben, neue Ideen für das Spiel zu suchen.

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team america top 35%

You can still add new coloured like gold to silver and brown.
Then you can still make all colours one and call the Colourking then.
One could make it still so this if one something to improve writes that dan one is moved for it premium agrees and every month gets 100 Coins.
coin become more when one even more to improve knows.
With it one would be able to do the players come floating
try to search new ideas for the play.

ffa america top 2.2%
team america top 35%

They can still add new ones coloured like gold to silver and brown.
Then you are able to do still all colours one and call the Colourking then.
One would be able to do it still so this is to be made, if to improve something one dan writes that one tunes premium and moved every month for them receives 100 Coins.
Knows coin become, if to improve even more one.
With him would be to be done in the situation, the players come swimming ones
Attempt, new ideas for the play look.



I would change some details, but the point and design of the game is good, i think. But if id be an admin, id change some things:

- more logos/colors/achievments/powerups
- i would make a kind of a bigger map (like a setting), and make smaller players (in that setting), and there coud be 1 - 15 players in tha room.
- i would make the logos cheaper, (just some of them) and some would be expensive. like 2500 cash
- i would make more colours buyable, like dark green or gray

My point is, that poeople should not have to buy a premium,  but for more game cash they could buy more things (of course, for more game cash).

Thx, Anthony Martin


You should try to make a portable version (like android/iPod). That would robably get a lot more people to play the game.

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You should add the color black (It would be buyable than for 3.000 coins) :D


it is fuck hahaha


Clan: KJS

How about ten second song about curvefever? :)
check this out:

Clan: wtf3

hi guys. what abou CV version just offline? it's shouldn be problem to make it.. and after that we could play that awsome game also with friends on one PC without internet... so if you really wanna make us happy, create offline version. like a training simulator.... 

Clan: Nonz

Clanleader can choose a second clanleader that was a great feature

Clan: PR2P

Well, I have an idea for a good tournament.

EVERYBODY can play.

The field to play then is 4x as big, 16 people can play at once.  Needs 2^(2n) people to start.

The top 10 players get free premium, and a special icon before their name.

The tournament happens every 2 months.

Powerups appear double as often.


Also:  3D, First person curve fever would be nice.

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You should create a n item, that changes the players for c. 15 seconds :D


Hi Fellow Curvers,

We need too spread Curve Fever too everyone. Friends, Family, School Friends etc... And tell them to spread it. Also, maybe get some reviewers to try the game. I f they like it, it could really help.


Just a few ideas :)



Hi Curvers,

Why not lower the cost of Premium a bit. I think Curve Fever 2 would get loads more Premium players. Also, why not make it easier for non premium players to get coins. I'm not Premium, and I've only got 76 coins, and I play loads :/. But Hey, Curve Fever is great fun and I love it so I will stay even if you don't change it. :) :))





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