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Let's make UNOFFICIAL TURNAMENTS (Project)!!

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Let's make UNOFFICIAL TURNAMENTS (Project)!!

Hello Curvers!

I have a project.

I would like us to do "UNOFFICAL TOURNAMENT"

Many people would like to play in the tournament, but not everyone has a premium.

Every now and then we would do something like that.

GreenSpeed, Thin or ...? You would choose the modes.

If many people would like to play, I would divide it into semi-finals and finals.
Of course, I would have to have several compatriots who would help in this project.

It would be possible to make a YouTube channel and CurveFever videos recorded.

Write whether you support this idea in the comments and report to playing and help!

(Not everyone has to like this post)

Stay On!

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You could try to bring back clan tournaments maybe, since still is still working.