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Let's introduce [NEW DEV]

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Let's introduce [NEW DEV]

Hey beautiful people,

It's me, SojaBird!
I'm a new dev here at Curve Fever, doing some programming magic.
I've joined the forces at the start of this month to help on all aspects of Curve Fever 3.

In the past I've completed a study called "Communication and Multimedia Design".
I learned about marketing and design stuff (folders, commercials, game design).
Nothing programming though... I learned all this during my own time.
I started do make some scrips for RPG Maker VX and little Flash projects.

After that, for my first internship, I worked on the game Age of Wonders 3 by Triumph Studios for half a year.
There I got introduced to XNA4 and made some projects using that.

Next was my graduation where I worked for ISOTX to manage the community for the game Iron Grip: Marauders.
From there I rolled into a develment role and worked on March of War for a long time before starting my own company.

(My company) The Last Beaver was in full production only for a a few months since I found out that it's pretty hard to work solo.
So I went ahead to find a great team, which I found here at Curve Fever.


Next to my work related history I also love to make small game projects by my own (using Unity).
I try to participate in all Ludem Dare game-jams since they spark my development spirit and allows me to make a small finished game in the time-span of one weekend.

Which is great, since I spent most of my spare time playing music (trombone) or playing games.
I'm currently playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm and some Battlefield4, but now want to start playing a whole lot of Overwatch since it's a super neat game!
In the past I played a lot of Dota2 and other smaller games on Steam (my library has 500+ but am turning into a Blizzard gamer now :p


For more info, post below and I'll try to anwser.
I probably won't be as active on the forum as my (office-) neighbour; Roojos, but I'll try my best to keep an eye on this topic for the upcomming few weeks to tell you more about myself ;)



For now I'll leave you with this:

Good luck and have fun!



Welcome :)

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Clan: Blub

Welcome SojaBird!

Question: Do you see yourself as a better curver than Roojos? He claims that he sucks. I demand a face-off!

Clan: vS



He're a few questions:

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

Do you like marmite?

What do you like on your toast?

Are you left or right handed?

Do you sing in the shower?

Which is your favourite pokemon?


and let's not forget about NOWODNY2

Who was first, chicken or the egg?

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Thanks Tranq!

Hmmm it's hard to say that I'm good at CF but I don't think I'm bad.
I do like to make crazy moves which most of the time gets me killed so there's that... :D

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Hey Flofl.
Thanks for the questions, here are some anwsers.


Sunsets are great, since I can see them while I'm not sleeping.


If I make toasted bread, it usually has either cheese (slightly molten), sugar or choco-paste.

Left handed!

No singing, but mostly thinking and brabling about stuff I need to do.

Slowpoke is cool, but Psyduck is the best!!


There was first MILK

Clan: NT

RPG Maker VX and little Flash projects

You won my heart sir. Used to do that at 14 and never tried VX, Learned dev with it. Wp. Overwatch rocks. Nerf Bastion. I hope you'll be as close as zero to the community \o/

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Hey ELyx,

It's great to hear that you also found fun in the pretty obscure RPG Maker :p
Working on scripts for that was one of my best introduction experiences to programming since the community was super great and fun.

Bastion ain't OP, he is just super annoying :D
And now I'd like to play again... :c

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Patience patience, its almost weekend. Almost Genji time >_>

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You'll do great here, SojaBird.