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Leaving the Moderator Team

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Leaving the Moderator Team

Hello dear Players of Curve Fever.

My name is Ateri and...

Today I have some bad news for you because I am leaving my position as a Moderator on
Curve Fever. This is because it seems like being a Moderator on Curve Fever is too much
for me. I do not have time to do this so I give up my position.
However I am not completely gone from the game.
I will continue my work on Flappy Curve and other projects that I am working on.
This is where I shall focus mainly on.
I will also play some Curve Fever here and then.

So that's my reason why I'm leaving my position as a Moderator.

Besides that I would also like to thank Everyone for their amazing support.
I would also like to give huge thanks to the Curve Fever Staff for being such an amazing Team
that I couldn't dream of having a better one.

If you ever need my help feel free to contact me here, by (email) or by skype.


Best Regards,

Flappy Curve developer Ateri Angelus.


Ciao ateri.


good decision. 

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Bye Ateri