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Last Battle [repeated]

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Last Battle [repeated]

Dear players,

Some investigations demonstrated that several players got the top ranks unfairly. Considering this, we had to take a decision. We had several options. Do we keep the Last Battle competition like it is ? Do we sanction all the players who played unfairly ? Do we remake it ?

We decided to give everyone a second chance and remake the Last Battle with some changes and clarifications.

This time we will go even further against the people who play unfairly (people who get helped and people who help). They will be replaced by the closest top ranks. We have set up the following rules for this:

/!\ Playing on someone else account in Team, FFA and 1v1

/!\  Teamplay in FFA

/!\  Exploiting the rank system in Team, FFA, 1v1

/!\ Breaking any general Rule of Curve Fever 2


You will get a nomination for the Last Battle if...

- you didn't break any rule and earned your rank on a fair way
- your account is older than 1 month at the deadline

- you are in the top 8 of 1v1 ranks [Europe]
- you are in the top 32 of FFA ranks [Europe]
- you are in the top 16 of Team ranks [Europe]

The deadline this time will be the 14th of January 2018, 5:30 (CET+1) 

more informations about the last battle games coming soon


If you have any questions or suggestions, send us a private message or mail at the support.


Have fun, and let the fight begin again, in a fair way.

The Curve Fever team