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Last Battle 21st of January

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im patrick and do what u cant let I-m so happy

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We are very disappointed of your behaviors under this topic, many forum rules have been broken and you didn't learn from the efforts we have put to give you a second chance to qualify for the Last Battle.

We are a team, this means we will take the decision together, we will discuss all the players, one by one. We have multiple indicators. We don't apply random rules, we simply didn't mention because we don't want you to exploit them and find a way to be qualified by optimizing these rules. The rank is of course the main rule, that's why it has been mentionned. But there are also the ratio of games played with top players, the ratio of games played with same players or against the same players, etc...

Considering some very poor behaviors, we will also take the behavior in our indicators, so expect more players to be disqualified. We know this competition was very stimulating but this is not a reason to fight against each other like you did. We understand some of you are also disappointed of being disqualified but clear reasons will be given. We will not disqualify soemone for personal reasons if he/she deserves it and demonstrated his/her skills during the gain of rank. That's why we invite you to contact us directly if you want have clear statements. If you have preference, contact through private messages on the forum or discord : Meechy Darko or TheGordon or Destin. 

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