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Large hole deaths.

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Large hole deaths.

I'm sure others have seen this plenty of times, and maybe it's been addressed before. Sometimes (i dont know what the pattern is etc), when there's a fat hole, either a random one or from cheese, you just die in it (see pic - I'm rainbow). 


Not sure if this bug is fixable, but just putting it out there.

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Im sure theres a line in between there, just small and you didn't notice. 

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Sinnoh wrote:

Im sure theres a line in between there, just small and you didn't notice. 

It‘s a bug existing since the start of cf. If somebody takes fatitem while somebody else has a hole, the end of the visible hole is getting the size of a fat hole, while the real hole is just a normal size one. It‘s the same as a lagger who erased the map, but just hit the border of the eraser(did not really take the item) and the playerlines are still there but invisible.



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I think every bugs can be somehow fixed. This is one exists since a very long time indeed. Nevertheless, the impacts are too low because there is a low probability it occurs. The developers don't work anymore on fixing bugs CF2 and CF3 or the bugs needs have a huge impact for the players. They are fully focusing on the production of Curve Fever's new version, which will come soon :)

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