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Lagging in 1v1 tournament

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Lagging in 1v1 tournament

When you play 1v1 game and your opponent laggs (I mean that lag, where you cant see where your opponent actually is) it is a crazy advantage for the lagging player. In normal 6-8 player games it is not such a big problem, because you can avoid the lagger, but in 1v1 its horrible and would be more than unfair in a tournament...

Anyone any idea what you could do against this in tournament situation? I mean you can't prove that your opponent was lagging except with video. If there is nothing one can do against this problem, what can I do to be lagging myself...


well when 3/3 lagg strikes i say the match would be cancelled ..

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When I played chaos_2_win in the league (A.K.A lagg_2_win) He lagged alot. and he got a 3/3 strike. Thats the only match in the league when someone lagged alot,

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