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kontrowersyjny jan and his brother or friend ozimm2001 cheating

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kontrowersyjny jan and his brother or friend ozimm2001 cheating


I would like to report kontrowersyjny jan and ozimm2001! We were playing team games and ozimm was in Team Cool with mounir1997, Opaca' and tenis. Team Hot : tenniscourt., tennisball., coneee999 and kontrowersyjny jan. The score was 9-7 and then I think that kontrowersyjny jan told his friend / brother to team kill so he his team can win. He did this like 4 times as my team were leading with the points.

Players :


Match :

Proof :

Teamkilling me and Rainbow

Teamkilled Rainbow

Closing in Cyan and leaving space for Team Hot

Score = 16-17 and ozimm2001 died for the other team to win.


I hope these proofs are enough ( I don't think so, but let's hope). 

If these proofs are not enough, please warn him to not do it again. It ruins the fun of the game.

Please respond.

Kind regards,


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Dear Opaca',

thank you for your report.
It's a tough decision but I decided to take a soft action because of several reasons. First of all not many screens are provided. Especially for such a long game. Furthermore the game mode Greenspeed is really hard to analyse via screens, so many actions and speedtakes could lead to strange situations. In addtion the players are not very skilled and especially in Greenspeed random kills are happening, even great champions are teamkilling sometimes not on purpose. Anyway, and that's a hint for all players ever playing on one keyboard together: Try to avoid discrepancies by playing not in the same team. It's always suspicious.
A warning is given here.

Kind regards

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