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Clan: hh

Who is cheating?

What rule are they breaking?

Playing vs 700 ranked while he is 1900 ranked, he should play vs higher players.He just kicks high players or he say he has slow so he has always a excuse to not play against  high players. This user is also famous of boosting teamrank whith his previous accounts. Aka Alex and Luca Smile

Alex also plays on Saitama. 1100 while his main is over 1700 to boost Kisura 

Here you see that he adds his main


Im sure there are many more links but I just found those 3 links Smile

1 more thing to add Saitama. also use cheat engine in some games.

ffa eu top 6.2%
team eu top 20%
Clan: DNVD

Dear Zaw,

thank you for your report.
It is handled in this one:

Greetings and have fun curving

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