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I want to report the user Kisura for playing against lower ranked players.

I could only see his last 20 games, but I know that this user is aka Massaker 2.0 aka luca is well known for boosting.
These are the matchlinks I found: (In this match he plays with Saitama. aka AlexCr. in his team, this user is reported before for boosting his friends in another active topic. In this matchlink he boosts Kisura) (In this matchlink he boosts with AlexCr. his FFA score. Saitama. and Aventador. are both Alex. He called the room ''friends'' to make it seem like it wasn't boosted.) (In this matchlink we can see AlexCr. plays on imthe-1 That's Ela her account, he plays on it to boost her team rank because its low. Also he boosts Kisura with it.) (Same story, AlexCr. on 2nd acc of his friend imthe-1)


In these matchlinks we can see that Kisura cant win balanced games.

The funny thing here is that I found so many matchlinks while I only saw his last 20 games. 
9 out of 20 games were clearly against lower ranked players (LOL THATS 45%). 

Well how funny is it that this user has the guts to report another player for playing against lower ranked players?
GG Kisura 

Kind regards,
Beltane (Dil)


Lol just saw alex admitting he plays on imthe-1


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Dear Beltane,

thank you for your report.
It is handled in this one:

Greetings and have fun curving

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