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KinderSurprise and CupaCups

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Anonymous (not verified)
KinderSurprise and CupaCups


Me and my friend KinderSurprise everyday playing like a sistem 2 vs 1. And we receives a lot of points ( + rank ), because almost nobody wins against us

I will show you some of games we play together


If anybody like to play with us and want to beat us let me PM and we will agreed for game 2 vs 1

Its funny playing sistem 2 vs 1 and help you increase your rank very easy 

Example I made my rank from 700 to 1700 in only 6 days but now the mod reduce my rank to 1200 and I must start again hahaha

See you in game!


CupaCups (not verified)

Geert IP BAN? We never stop it "cheating" ;) Now we start again :D:D Do you wanna play 2 vs 1 ? :D Find me or kindersurprise in game and star play :D

See you

KinderSurprise (not verified)

Geert can kiss my ass^^

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