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KEY-LAG (Geert Answer fast as Hell)

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KEY-LAG (Geert Answer fast as Hell)

Hey, I've been having some incredibly annoying keylags for the past 8 days! It happens every round! For some reason I turn left without pressing the "left" button! In order for it to stop I have to press the left button 3 times. But ususally it's too late and I die! INothing I can do but pray to god it doesn't happen when I'm in a tight space! Geert if you are reading this... Please fix this bug! Some of my friends have it too. Not f*cking fair! I've paid for premium and this is what I get? Loved this game but now... wow already lost 360 points because of this lag. What can I say but that it sucks!!!

Fix this NOW//


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Get opera browser.


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why i cant use 2 and 3 to play with opera? I have a Mac, is this the reason?

nt? not nice enough

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