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Karlo-Thompson boosting FFA rank!

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Karlo-Thompson boosting FFA rank!

Hi! I want to report this pecific person that has been boosting his FFA rank up to 1900! He has been logging into his other 5 accounts and been playing quickplays over and over to boost himself to 1900! I don't have any other proofs than these matchlinks that I will be given you. If he does get punished, I hope he will learn from his own mistakes to not cheat ever again in the future!

Action that is forbidden in the game:

Boostinf FFA rank!



In all of these matchlinks, it has the same accounts in each game.

Additional Information: 

Karlo-Thompson has been a member for 3 years and 4th months and he should know about the rules of the community to not cheat in the game!



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Dear Fluaz,

thank you for your report.
Indeed the player was boosting. His second accounts are banned. His main is banned for 3 weeks (1 for boosting+1 for no given rank decrease+1 for affecting top rankings)

Kind regards

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