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Joining My Clan - PRO7

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Clan: LaWs
Joining My Clan - PRO7

             Clan Signups

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Clan Signup Dates: Fall-Winter-Spring 2017-18

November 25 - December 22

December 25 - February 16

March 1 - April 6

April 14 - April 27

May 1 - May 19

May 20 - May 31

June 1 - June 22



                       Clan Requirements

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  • Must be able to do corner and speed and other items
  • Needs to be active
  • Must be at  clan tournaments 65% or more
  • Must be able to do a 1 speed hole
  • Must not be a quitter
  • Must have the ability to stay strong  




Clan: LaWs



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Kenneth727, would you mind having a clanwar against me? My clan is LEAD. Feel free to add me, so I can get ready for the clanwar. Thanks.

- Ivan


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FFA - 1662

Team - 1710

1v1 - 1558 

Clan: LaWs



Clan: JP

Hello, can i join to ur clan? I am very active and nice person :) I'm actually 16 years old boy from Poland but i Live in England so i can speak English very well. I am waiting for your response

Can I please join your clan too? I can take hole with thin and also i can campe very good also. 


Please i beg u

thank you

*omg im nervous for reply*