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Joining Arena Order Wrong

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Joining Arena Order Wrong

In the arena queue, it waits a second or two after there are 6 players before the players are sent to the room. This means that even more players after the 6 can join in that moment.

However, rather than the latecomers having to wait, the game doesn't send the 6 players who've been waiting the longest to the game. I can't really tell if the selection of 6 is just random or if there's a specific pattern though.

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This is of course a bigger problem in Arena 1 than it is for Arena 3 - but I've still seen it happen in all Arenas. Can be dissapointing if you've been waiting in the Arena 3 queue for 100+ seconds, 6 people from a recently finished game enter the waiting queue at the same time - and they get into the game and you don't. Dash 1

Again I'm not sure what the exact pattern is - that's something that the Devs would know.

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Incred on 27 September, 2016 - 14:25
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If I recall correctly, It checks the queue of players every X seconds, and tries to make the best match of 6 out of them.

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