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Jinzo targeting.

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Jinzo targeting.


Report's introduction:


 I would like to report Jinzo for targeting me in Thin FFA game. He started targeting me in end of game. I was first when he started targeting me but he didn't stop targeting me after I had dropped to second.

Suspected user(s):

Jinzo ( ).

Matchlink(s): .

If matchlink will be outdated by the time You check this case then here is screenshot of results: .



As proofs I have made 4 screenshots.

You can view screenshots from this link: .

Additional information:

 Jinzo hasn't been reported yet on this account before. If (s)he will be punished, I hope (s)he will learn of punishment that targeting is not allowed. 

With best regards


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Dear Faded'.,

thank you for your report.
That's a tough one as in my opinion not every screen is that clear (.
For me, it is not enough for a ban this time, but a warning will be given.

Kind regards

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