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Is Jaan (sheventon) the best tournament host ever?

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Is Jaan (sheventon) the best tournament host ever?
Yes, he is most honest host ever I want to be like him
17% (8 votes)
No, all his tournaments are corrupt and he looks like baked potato
83% (38 votes)
Total votes: 46

How are Hney out, how is Jaan's team through?

Why Jaan says this but Hney are out anyway? He said it because he knew the lost on points difference to us if we win vs Sibo which we did. Why is Jaan through?

Tournament he hosted before:

Oh look Jaan is out on round 1, how is Jaan in round 2? Free spaces? There were other free spaces later in tournament but he didn't let others back! Wtf Jaaaaaaaaaaaaan?

Round 3 Jaan was out again, but he removed neusaap for cheating? And Jaan is through again? How is Jaan through? Jaaaaaaaaaan how did that happen Jaan?.


Oh look Jaan came 2nd in that he is God. Only needed to change rules twice in that tournament D:

What is point of Jaaaaan having unofficial tournaments when they are rigged so hard?


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Well, first of all the previous wasn't hosted by me. It was hosted by 13 Reasons Why. I got out due the cheating, I asked her if it's OK to DQ cheaters and she said OK. Today my team won vs your team 10-7 so we got next due the rule. 

Please don't hate! It's just a game! Seriously, if you don't like unofficial tournaments by me then don't play them.


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Yes it's just a game, so why do you cheat at it? And 13 reasons why left early leaving you the host. You were the one who put yourself through without reason. Cheating? Other person fails turn or dies slow and you call that cheating and put yourself through even though nobody agrees with you. As for this tournament, clearly you knew losing 10-0 would put you out if we won as shown in the screen shot. You even said to team sibo before the match that they would be out if they lost which hopefully they can verify. But you changed it afterwards to we are out. There clearly aren't rules if you can change who you put through within 10 minutes. Just sad.

​It's so clear you bend the rules to benefit yourself, why even try and defend it.

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It's pretty simple. If you don't like his tournaments, don't play them! To bring something personal into the topic, because you don't like how he handle his tournaments shows more about you than him. This topic will be closed as it has no use.

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