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iXi is back! | Recruiting! | Searching for new people!

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iXi is back! | Recruiting! | Searching for new people!

Hello all
My name is AJAXAMSTERDAMM and im the leader of iXi i remember like 5/6 months ago my clan was active and we got in top 20/30. 
Now im back and im searching for new enthusiastic new players who love to play this game. 
Do you want to join my clan? And bring us back to the top? 
Feel free to add me as friend or give a reaction underneath and i'll add you. 

Shoutout to Flow Bart <3


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Ive made one topic for helping players to find players or clan. Here you can find it:

Please use it to find some nice players and enjoy playing with your clan! :-)

I will close this topic.


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Teaa on 1 April, 2015 - 15:25

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