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Ix3MyP-Nis focusing in FFA!

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Ix3MyP-Nis focusing in FFA!


I want to report this specific person that kept focusing on me and KarimEG throughout the games that we play and in the past ( I can't find ).

Rule that is forbidden:





I attached little informations under the proofs that I have given.

Additional Information:

This user has been registered for over 4 years and he should know that focusing on people in FFA is not allowed in this Curve Fever Community! If this doesn't recieve him a ban, please inform him to warn him to not do it again in the future in this good community! Also, his username is also inappropriate.



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Dear Fluaz,

thank you another time for your report.
I have to say that nearly all screens are hard to interpret as there are also some strange moves by the affected players. But also considering the chat a ban lasting one week seems appropriate.

Kind regards

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