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iunstopable for Tour MOD

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Clan: BTTC
iunstopable for Tour MOD

Hi mates, how the most allready know. Alicia left the tour mod position. and Geert got nobody for "hosting" tour`s yet.

i just wanted to say, im able to "host" some tournaments every 2 weeks on Sunday evening ! (GMT)

there would be more "special" tours and much fun !

what you thinkin if i would "host" some Tours at sunday ?

Somethin about me: Im 20 Years old. I play this game since 3+ years. Got much fun on it and would be great to host some Tours in the future ! 

Tell me your opinion !

  • (got teamspeak / able to download skype // with mic )<for geert)

greet`s iunstopable !


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yeaaah gives this man a tour title !

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Get this iunstopable the tour mod!

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afternoon? xD

nt? not nice enough

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ye, nice

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Nice man i appreciate your motivation to save this game alive! Good luck (y)

i'm gwen

be naked
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Tournament on Sunday ? no thanks.  

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Hey iunstopable,

Thanks for your application !

We didn't discuss yet about the future of tournaments. When we will have decided what we do, we will post an official announcement in the News section, like in the past.

To be transparent, I don't think there will be a tournament moderator for August. The decision will be taken by all of us (moderators + staff), because it's not something we take lightly. Nevertheless, if the staff team (and you of course) are agree to let me host the next tournament, there will be a tournament in August (3vs3 speed initially programmed by Alicia).

I have limited information for now, but as soon as I have more, I'll let you know :-)

Happy Curving,

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Clan: BTTC

allright bro, thank you pretty much ! :)