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Isildur20 targeting.

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Clan: yaoi
Isildur20 targeting.

Who is cheating?

Isildur20 (


The following rule has been violated:

Targeting other players to sabotage their game with no tactical intention.


Matchlink of cheated game: .



I have taken 9 screenshots for proofs. You can see the screenshots from this link: .


Additional information:

User Isildur20 has been currently member for 10 days. I suspect that it's user's alternative account since it has currently 1423 FFA rank. I guess Isildur20 targetted me because (s)he had finished 8th, 8th and 7th in last 3 games and (s)he got angry and chose somebody to target. I hope this user will learn that targeting with no tactical intention is not allowed in this game.

Best regards




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Dear Syrex',

thank you for your report. After consulting another very high experienced player we see absolutely no targeting. It's more like "orange doesn't know what to do". That's also my opinion. I don't see any attention to attack you or reduce your game experience by this player.

Kind regards

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