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Ir3ktU purposefully joining team games and not playing to lose rank

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Ir3ktU purposefully joining team games and not playing to lose rank

Who is cheating?



What rule are they breaking?

Purposefully joining team games with the intent not to play in order to lower their team rank. This falls under Poor Behaviour according to the Curve Fever rules.



What proof do you have?


His current rank is 338(!), with his level of skill he should be well over the starting rank of 700. His rank is low enough to suggest that this is repetitive behaviour.


The matchlink:


Furthermore some screenshots here to show that he was indeed AFK for the entire game:

And to prove he was there all game: he actually sent a message just as the other team won to indicate he actually was on his computer and actively not playing:


Do you have anything else to say?
I see this user has more reports on his name. Maybe it would be worth your while to check his match history and see if you can find a pattern of him leaving games to lower his team rank. I do not think someone intentionally ruining their team's chances time after time deserves to go unpunished.

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Dear Jax T,

thank you for your report.
You can find the decision in this report:

Kind regards

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