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Ir3ktU focusing on players

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Ir3ktU focusing on players


          I want to report Ir3ktU for focusing in FFA. This is not the first time that he was focusing in FFA, he focused on people in most FFA's. Also, some proofs that I will be giving to you may not be clear about focusing, but it may show that he is focusing on players. He's been focusing on me, and nvlx. 

Rule broken:

Focusing in FFA



What proofs do you have?

I attached some small information under each picture.

Further information:

This player has been registered for 2 years and 4 months and he should know to not focus in FFA, or to not break any rules in this community.

Ir3ktU's accounts:




Also, there is another report about Ir3ktU leaving games. Here is the link:




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Dear Fluaz,

thank you for your report.
The following decision is also based on further internal reports and this one:

The player is repetitively breaking rules like focusing players in ffa or leaving team games. A ban lasting 2 weeks and a rank reset for team rank is given.

Kind regards

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