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Ip ban???

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Ip ban???


when I come to Curve Fever I see this message  ''Sorry, ********* has been banned.'' my question is why i wanna play please can one of u guyes help me this is my favorite game...

kind regards. 


I don't understand your kind of english.. If you've been banned its your problem. Just wait till the ban ends. 


I just say why im banned from IP? I am now at school but when I'm home I can't play cf ? why am I banned? and how long will it take?


First of all, I think sharing your ip address isn't a good idea...



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Imperia. on 11 December, 2014 - 17:52

If you said that for me, sometime ago the ip address was shown. For security reasons, that's not a good thing. I would even locate where you live, but

1. I was too lazy

2. I was too slow.


I ask u why am I banned not to locate where I live plz i wanna play man..

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Aha. It never shows me in Curve when i log in. Just when i try to go on the Website. I dont know what u have made.


yes when i go to the website but when i try to login it says datafault 


ughh.. dat english 

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1) Are you still ipbanned ?
2) You can't log in any of your accounts?

~Keep Calm & Relax

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Hey, your ip was banned because you logged in to one of Albania's accounts.
Please don't login to a random account if you get his/her password, this can be dangerous.

After we heard your story, we decided to unban you.

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