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Hello, so I'm one of quite a few recently new presenters at curve radio.
Done about 3 shows now and I just thought I'd say hi really. Iknow the sites being a bit iffy at the moment (it's being worked on :P) but I'm keeping contact with you wonderful people through the medium of twitter and facebook. Thought I'd try here as well.

So, the main purpose of my show really is to have new music every week and to introduce people to genres that people don't typically listen to or try to avoid. Funk, Jazz, Classical, rap, Metal etc... I have however on my 2nd show introduced a theme. The last one was 'Amplify and testify', basically anything very loud and shouty :P.

Just wondering what you guys think and what you'de love to see from curve radio from all the presenters in the future. Merci!


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As an avid listener of Curve Radio - thanks for your work. I personally really like listening to the customized and personalized shows while playing Curve Fever. Curve Radio is now available on both Curve Fever 2 and Curve Fever 3 - which is really sweet!

As you know communication in Curve Fever 3 is really efficient at the moment. It would be nice to work with Curve Radio for future events. Developers have the power to send out mass-messages to everyone currently playing Curve Fever 3. Thus we can inform all currently-online players to tune into upcoming shows. It could increase viewer turnout, build more of a community, and unify and integrate Curve Radio and Curve Fever as one. As you can see there are many possibilities.

What do you think?

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Incred on 16 October, 2016 - 19:55

Like Incred mentioned, the communication in Curve Fever 3 is really efficient at the moment, so I'd say why don't we all join Discord?

The usercount on Discord is constantly growing and to this day reaching to nearly 100+ online daily. Gathering both players and DJ's on Discord, this will unite us even more. Allowing Curve Radio and its staff to have their own channel would ease the communication between the listeners and DJ's, such as requesting a song and/or even chat with the one on air! Though, song requests may still have to go through the Curve Radio website, I still think uniting DJ's and listeners/players on Discord is a very good idea.

However, more sticking to the topic. Welcome to Curve Fever Forums and I hope you enjoy doing shows, entertaining your listeners while on air. Good luck! :)

Link to Discord:
Link to Curve Radio:

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Bodalee on 17 October, 2016 - 06:45

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Well, thanks for the suggestions :).
I asked pretty much the day you suggested this on the 17th and it seems to have gone through yesterday (25th) so someone else on the curve radio team or an admin through curve fever must have set it up which is brilliant. 


Oh, as an extra we're also planning on doing 2 curve fever 2 games on Friday and Sunday 6pm (UTC) and another curve fever 3 game on Saturday at the same time, so that should be cool.