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Introduction [new Tournament Moderator]

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Introduction [new Tournament Moderator]

Hey guys!

I'm Roxy, the new Tournament moderator. I guess some of you may have seen me before. For those that don't know me, I'm 19 and I come from Austria. I am currently studying Marketing and I enjoy kickboxing and playing the piano.

Since the majority of the community is divided into Speed and Thin, I would love to include both in the upcoming month. I would like to propose a mix of Green Speed FFA and Green Speed 1v1 as first tournament, to get the community engaged again after this long dry phase of no tournaments. For a sneak peek of the upcoming tour you find the unfinished schedule below:


The second tournament of May is going to be 2v2 Thin.

As opposed to previous approaches, I would like to focus on fewer dates and shorter time frames. Preferably two tournaments per month, according to the amount of players participating. The first tournament of the month will be either FFA or 1v1, and the second Teams. At the end of the year we will have the Camping Competition and the All-round Tournament. And just maybe something completely new in between, we will see.

If you have any questions, suggestions of power-up choices or any other ideas for the next tournaments, feel free to contact me preferably over Discord: CarnageFX#6368 or hit me up in-game. All of this is new to me but trying my best is my priority, so let me know what I can improve on.

Your tour moderator,

Roxy aka CarnageFX


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Omg I know you!

Join my CF2 and CF2 remastered discord!


*__* gratz rox! Good luck 



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Omg, congratulations beast *_*

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I'm one of the people that has never seen you before, but nice introduction and goodluck!

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Hey Gl,buddy ;)

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First of all, congratulations to your new position. Hopefully you will enjoy doing this job and receive a good support from the team and the players.

As we got a new mod here, I'm taking the opportunity and want to ask about the general tournament times. At the past we always had 20:00 as starttime and usually the monthly tournaments were played at saturdays. With Jaan as mod this was moved to 19:00 and a variation of days(saturday/sunday + competitions with several tours sometimes at weekdays). My question to you, are you planning to establish set tournamenttimes/-days or do you plan to vary this?



My time:

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Good Luck Rox, you will need it.

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Thank you for your question! I answered you on the discord channel #cf2 :D

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I'm daredevil.

Not even god can stop it now...

Congrats and GL