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Introducing your new Community Manager!

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Introducing your new Community Manager!

Hello, lovely community!

The past six months have been awesome. As the Curve Fever Community Manager, I have had the privilege to pick up where our devs left off and shape this community into a place where you can go and be sure to have a good time. There's a lot of work left undone, but we're getting there, and I am super proud to have gone on this journey with you.

However, I will soon move on and will start working as a Producer elsewhere in the game industry. Tuesday, May 22nd will be my last day at Hidden Monster Games. If you, for whatever outlandish reason, want to keep track of my shenanigans, then find me on twitter.

Which brings me to the next Community Manager at Hidden Monster Games. I'm super excited to introduce NoFlavor13 as your new Community Manager! She is awesome, a fanatic curver and a great Community Manager to take the Curve-helm.

I'll be online for the next week or so. As far as goodbyes go, I have but one thing to say: be good, and be good at it.