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Introducing Bibi clan!

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Introducing Bibi clan!

SUPER new clan on the move

Bibi challenges you to a clan war

Contact myself or Brainrage if you want to challenge our clan

We know how inactive the clan site is (very)

After 3 matches, we're already ranked at 11th position (wth)

Last clan war was 2 weeks ago

Why don't you make your own clan and have some fun?

We're just tired of playing against JSJP

P.S: you can play with 700 ranked players in your team and get away with it because since it's a clan war it won't be considered boosting. (jk) 


Bibi clan:

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Clan: dad

Good initiative! Maybe a clan moderator would help to make the clan system active again.. I don't know! I remember the clan olympic, it was fun!