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inge's Curve Fever Pro Nightmare Horror Story

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inge's Curve Fever Pro Nightmare Horror Story

It was the 29/04/2019.


As I sat solomly on my chair with frown on my face, I decided I would give cf pro another try. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want to give it another try to try to let it redeem itself, I literally was just bored as fu ck and would rather do anything but study for exams. So...I turned on cf pro because I was too lazy to install flash player on this laptop. So.. as you can see, all the elements had to go against me in order for me to play this heep of shit.

So, from past experiences of playing cfpro (what an insult to call it "pro" by the way), I do remember sweating my ass off and producing the most incredible clutch camp that anyone could ever witness, only for a big bomb to have been fired from across the map to explode me into smitherines. I earned 50 points from camping, and got deducted 60 points for being exploded by some fat kids bomb that he spun around 50 times in a row and fired off in a random direction. so, that round was absolutely pointless.

Anyway, I remember another time whereby I was creating cam.... AND OMG SOME GUY SPEEDS UP OUT OF NOWHERE AND SMASHES MY FUCKING FACE IN because he had this speed powerup in his arsenal. Great.... how exciting... thats how I want curve fever to be....pure chaos and crazy advantages with no equal playing field.

Now, with all that being said... today I had a cf"pro" nightmare. Wait until you hear this guys... i cant fucking beleive this actually occurred.... im serious... this is not real..

Im making camp, and its a massive camp. I have the round won with this camp easily. No problem at all. Im relaxed and its gona be easy I said. All the other enemies, except one enemy, had died so it was just me and him left but hold on....why do i see 3 enemies on the map ?? wtf is that... I had to count so many times and then i noticed what it was... THE DEAD GUY HAD PLACED A FUCKING SENTRY GUN AT THE SIDE OF MY CAMP AND IT WAS FIRING OFF MISSILES AT ME EVERY 1 SECOND AND IT WAS COLLECTING POINTS AS HE WAS DEAD. ARE U FCKING KIDDING ME?

Clan: Lean

hahaha, nice story bro, it's really pleasurable to read. My last experience of trying cf pro was that I won every round easily without using any powers, but someone had more points. This game is utterly ridiculous.



Jeff <3
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Game just spins in circles for me, actual dogchit developers l0l.