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Inge boosting

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Inge boosting

Inge is clearly boosting his new acc Squirt. and even another acc called cumshot or something
Since im way too lazy and on my phone i wont post matchlinks but he played like 20 or more games against his own accs
Proof is that everybody knows that lnge and knife attack are him+ every game is like 10-2 or 10-3
Once he fked up and lost con or something there you can see that he just relogged again on only one acc and all other accs got -30 to -40
Imo i dont rly need to make a proper post because its a really obvious boost and theres no need for evaluating anything just ban him

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Hello user,

laziness is not helpful in real life nor when reporting players. Please take a look here:
The accounts you are naming like cannot be found and leading to players like this who aren't even active.

Regards TheGordon - the battleground for clans

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