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Inappropriate behaviour

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Inappropriate behaviour

Hello curvers,

We have recently noticed an increase of reports concerning inappropriate behaviour. This is something we are sad to see. The Curve Fever community should be a happy and vibrant community working together to enjoy this game. We are putting a lot of effort in making the game enjoyable for everyone. That is why we want to emphasis on making fun and not acting in a negative way.

We will put extra effort with the moderating team and will monitor the situation more. We will be more strict on applying our rule procedure. That means that the, not so meaningful, verbal warning time is over. As a community it is important that we stand together and that is what we are willing to do too.  The moderator team is really willing to improve the sphere in Curve Fever 2, we hope that the community is willing to help us with that.

Our procedure:

  • First official warning;
  • Second official warning and short cool-down period account ban;
  • Third and final official warning and longer temporary account ban;
  • Permanent account ban;
  • 1 year global IP address ban;
  • Permanent global IP address ban;

This is a general notice and reminder to all of you. We will not accept any excusses anymore. We need to improve the sphere and we need your help!

If you see any inapproprate behaviour you may contact us at or talk to a moderator.