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Imrank3500 caught team killing and leaving games!

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Imrank3500 caught team killing and leaving games!

Hi! I witnessed most of his games and witnessing  him team killing without any reason behind it. I want this player to be punished for his actions that is not allowed in this community of fun! Also, if he does get punished, I want him to learn from his own mistakes, from his own actions that he did wrong and should never do it again in the future!

The action that is forbidden in Curve Fever 2:

Team killing and leaving games.


For the proofs that I'll be giving you, I attached 19 screenshots together for you to see them. Just scroll down as it loaded up. Also, I attached information under each pictures to give more proof.


More information:

Imrank3500 has been playing and going into rooms and spamming the same sentence over and over again. For example " Im rank 3500. You are all beneath me. Makes me feel sick to see you all players trying to win. Suck my **** " etc...

Thanks for reading.



P.S: Sorry for the rudeness in the additional information.

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Dear Fluaz,

thank you for your report.
There were several reports about this user. A ban lasting 1 month is given.

Kind regards

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