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Improve smoothness

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Improve smoothness

Hey guys,

I just bought a new computer with a beast configuration (processor i7 7770k, GTX 1070, 16G0 Ram....) and curve fever is still "heavy".

My connection on speedtest is 12ms ping, 75Mo - 50 Mo

So I really do not understand why it is still heavy?

Im playing on standalone, I tried 13, 27 and 20 but its not an amazing smoothness that I used to have some time with an older computer. I am also using Razer Cortex thanks to Rawil's topic.

So do you have some tips to improve that?

Three questions:

- changing the version of flash standalone really works?

- My screen is old (dvi), can it cause the heavy curve?

- My keyboard is not a gamin keyboard, should I buy a faster one?




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hey wolf :O U are back on this acc btw? Use web browser man at least try! Flash was heavy for me always too so i stopped use this ever. Nice profile pic too ^^

The Godfather <3

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Hey wolf, i guess that you already read Rawils topic, since you downloaded the razer cortex. Hm, i dont know why but when i play curve fever, i always have spotify (client, not web player) open and its really smooth for me. But when i close spotify, it starts to get unsmooth. 

I can't guarantee that it will solve your problem, but it would be worth a try.

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By the way, in curve fever it's also important to have a good keyboard. Small touches are the best. I just bought this keyboard ( which has the perfect performance (in my opinion)

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1) Is it always heavy or just from time to time ?
2) Do you use a firewall ?
3) Try a light browser, for example :

Best regards,

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