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important suggestion annoyiing ps pr rooms

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important suggestion annoyiing ps pr rooms

Can geert make password protected rooms in separate section cause they are really annoying, when less players playing game big percentage of rooms are pass protected, it really takes you long time for random player to find room and its annoying

Its just long list of rooms where random player cant go to, you get annoyed and leave especialy if there is only 2 good rooms opened and you cant find them easy.

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As a non premium player in the server browser you can only see the currently open(not ingame) rooms.
But if there are less than 10 of these rooms at the moment u press "refresh" then it shows all rooms.

I used to find it nice since it came in handy for new players for less confusion.

But since the community is keep getting smaller and the bizarre fact that it counts password protected rooms to these 10 rooms aswell, it can happen that u can only see one or none open rooms and all others are with passwords.

As a new player it must look like there are only these ~10 rooms in the whole game which is kinda sad.

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