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Ideas for CFPro

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Ideas for CFPro


this topic is there for all the ideas and suggestions of things that should be added or changed in Curve Fever Pro.

I want this topic to stay at the CF2 Forum, because these are the opinions that really matter (imo).


So this is what I would take out of the Game:

- Cuves with Heads. This might be an eyecatching feature, but it takes up all hopes for competitive gameplay, as it decides which feature youre snake has.

And there we are already on the next topic: Snakes with individual features. This destroys the game entirely, as you can buy better features with more $$$.

I think it's obvious that CFPro now is pay to win. And nowadays you won't be succesful with that. In the past it was just a thing to do this. Shakes & Fidget for example, is a game where you can buy mushrooms and you can level up much faster by using them. Classic Pay2Win.

Another thing is Open Walls. Open walls might be a good feature to pretend camping, but anyone who really plays CF2 knows that camping is the mostly used strategy to survive the longest time. And that's just what you have to do. 

I know there are many more things that make the game unplayable, so let your mind run free. Only constructive criticism, please.


The following modes should be added in CFPro (imo):


1.Training Mode

Training mode should be like creating your own room in CF2 with the difference that you would, for example, permanently curve with the speed of 3 speeditems, or that you are permanently thin, as if you had used a thinitem.

- Permanent invicibility 

- Can only be played alone or with friends (unranked) 


2. 5v5 Team Mode

It has simply been shown that this mode has been missing in CF2 for far too long. 


3. 2v2v2v2(v2) Mode

This mode was already played in CF2's FFA, but it should be an integral part of the PRO version.


4. Survival Mode - TEAM

This is an idea which i got from the new FIFA 19. It is teams and if you score a goal or more related in CFPro: Kill a player from the other team, then one of your teammates has to leave the field. Which would make it a 3v4 and really difficult to score another one. But it's not impossible of course. You'll get one player back, if the opponents team scores a goal.

- So in CFPro, You and 7 or 9 other shenanigans start on a blanket field

- No items, no features (like shooting). Everyone starts from zero.

- The goal is to have no players on the field anymore, or reaching 20 kills. But you could set that before.

This mode could also be included for FFA

There would be a feature like Health points. Everyone starts with 100 hp.

- Whenever you kill someone, you get +20 HP

- If you get killed you lose 100 pts and if you didn't kill someone before, you're knocked out, which means you can't play in this room untill the game is over. 

- The goal is to be the Last Man Standing.

- If you just slightly touch something, like not passing a hole 100%, you'll lose like 50 HP but you wont get knocked for that.

- Im not sure about the items yet, but it would be nice if you could choose between different game types, for example: Survival Mode Gspeed and team. Or Survival Mode Thin and ffa. There are thousands of possibilities.


5. Camping Mode

If you're a good camper in CF2, it automatically means that you have a good feeling for curving and you are mostly well skilled. To improve this, there should be a mode to practise camping. This mode should include:

- Setting a password so no one can join (no friends, and no friends of friends)

- Whenever you're curve starts to hit the line, a stopwatch should stop the time.

- Faster respawn. Instead of 6-7 seconds, just make it 2-3 seconds. Spawn should be in the corners... it's annoying if you want to camp and you spawn in the mid for like 30 mins...


6. Tournament Mode

Tournaments are just a thing, and they are indispensable in CF2. It would be cool if there was a mode for that in CFPro aswell, for example: just enter a key and then automatically land in the room where you have to play the next Match.

This should help to get a game without lags or slows. At current tournaments, you mostly have around 20-30 specs watching the finals. This is just cancer on another level. It shouldn't be difficult to find a Stream-Mod who could stream Curve Fever Pro live on twitch... like FloFlorian did once.  


7. Replay Mode / Function

This is just a must have. Everyone should be able to have a quick view on their played games. In many games, people analyze their own moves to improve their skill.

You could also upload fun stuff on Youtube (Promotion), as you don't always have the recorder opened while playing CF2. I don't wanna know how many EPIC SPEED BATTLES or AMAZING THIN WAYS were not recorded in CF2 because of that. So yea, that would also be a cool feature.


8. Deleting the Rank System and adding a Highscore System with Kill / Death stats and more

I would really like to know how many kills i did in CF2, so I really miss this feature a lot. It would give much more information about a player than just showing a rank and how many games he/she won already.

So, instead of rank, just make it a high score system. E.g.: you get 300 Points added to your High Score, if you win a game, but you also gain a small amount of EP (like 20 EP) to honor the victory or a well played match. So, 150 Points and 10 EP for the 2nd, 50 Points and 5 EP for the 3rd, 20 Points and 1 EP for the 4th but ZERO POINTS for the places 4-10. (no deranking possible)

The idea behind is creating a new competitive system. I don't really think that the current rank system is competitive at all. It only shows how many games you won in a row, but gives not much information about how you play. I see people in CF2 with a rank of 1230 playing better than people with a rank of like 1650. This is not how it should be.  It should be able to go to the forum, search for a players name and have a look on his K/D stats, or how many games he won in FFA.. or in Teams.. just like it is in Curve Fever 2, only that you don't see it Ingame but much more detailed.

I'd also add an ingame Level further to the High score system. You could compare your level then with other friends, but that's not the main reason why I would add this.


9. Ingame Level

This would be a BIG thing, if people could play to archieve a higher level.

Because like i said already, you gain EP then and with that you are able to unlock special colors or special icons for example. But don't make it too easy please. There should be a max. level of 100. If you reached that, youre absolutley monster and you become a special prize for that (like a diamant curve look). But remember you only get a higher level by playing or if you complete weekly challenges.

You could make it like a season, lasting ~12 weeks. 


10. Challenges

Free Pass Challenges (Weekly): [Free Pass = Free for everyone, but without most of all the special archievements]

Challange 1: Do 3 eliminations with speed item. (1000 EP)

Challenge 2: Go to the camp mode and make a camp that lasts longer than 5 minutes.  (1000 EP)


Curve Pass Challenges (Weekly): [Curve Pass = Clear amount of $$$ but not too expensive (like 20€ or smth), with all special archievements, but no Ingame Features!]

Challenge 3: Survive at least 10 minutes in the Survival Mode. (5000 EP)

Challenge 4: Go to training mode and create a Unicorn by only using corners. (5000 EP)

.... etc.

By completing the Curve Pass challenges, you'll earn special icons or colors or whatever features. Free Pass will only give you small but still nice archievements. E.g.: 100 coins.... and it also improves your skill. 

Special Archievements can only be earned in the current active season. So if you don't complete the full season, you also wont be able to get to Level 100, which means NOT that you wont have the special items in your inventory. 

You can still be able to purchase these Levels to get to lvl 100, but you'll have to pay for it then instead of getting it as a reward.

11. Skins and Icons / Emotes

I thought about how this game would mainly generate Money. And I came to the solution that it can not only be the Curve Pass... so you should also be able to buy skins, icons and a new thing called emotes.

Im sure this is the most attractive feature for developers, as it's a big part of their income.

Just Imagine how lit this would be, if you could go to the game shop and and you could buy new legendary but also rare skins for your curve. ( I know that is already included in CF2, but these colors are always there which makes them not really special anymore). The Shop would change the skins in a weekly rotation and there would also be coins, but you can only purchase them with $$$ Money. For example:

Week 1: New neon light green curve skin (1000 Coins = 10 Euro), 2 new icons (250 Coins per icon) and 2 new emotes (250 coins for both). 

Week 2: New purple haze curve skin (1000 Coins), 2 new icons (250 Coins each)and 2 new emotes (250 Coins for both)

Week 3: New addition to a normal curve skin (750 Coins), so your blue snake shines dark blue and light blue now, 2 new icons (250 Coins each) and 2 new emotes (250 for both).


Week 21: Neon light green curve skin, 2 icons and 2 emotes (which were already in the shop, so you get another chance to buy those skins - same price of course)


this is something the game does not really need, but i think it would be funny af too see it ingame:

Imagine you'd win a round and you can spam this emote in the ingame chat:



Don't forget that you'd also collect new skins and icons by completing challenges. 


If you include things like that (but maybe not the Emote xD) and other upcoming ideas, CFPro could become a game i'd pay a lot of money for. No Joke. It doesn't even has to be a browser game aswell, just make it to a client version, as it mostly runs everything faster and with better performance than a browser.

CFPro for example is written with Java PixiJS v4, in other words, it's written in HTML5 which is one of the newest and mostly used programs for those kind of onlinegames. But if you play CFPro the performance is just terrible. I can't explain that so far, I can only guess it's the overload of unneccessary features in CFPro. Whatever, a friend of mine, whos a programmer, tried to play CFPro on his beast PC and he said it really wasn't a pleasure to play.

(It was his first time playing Curve Fever at all) Then I told him to play CF2 and he said this game is like 100 times better, even with the bugs and lags.

As a Developer, you should listen to your community as they spent the most time playing the game, discovering bugs or giving them suggestions of what is really needed in the game. 


Anyways, don't forget that this is only my opinion and not how it is actually going to be. Let me know what you think about it and feel free to leave your suggestions and ideas for CFPro!


Clan: Lean

They are not working on CF2 Remastered. This "Play test the new Curve Fever gameplay" was just a try to convince cf2 community to play cf pro. 

I don't want them to add new features, I like cf2 how it is. I mean look at cf3 and cfpro they added new features there and it was a fail. I would just like to move cf2 to better platform and fix bugs.

Although I do like the idea of 2v2v2, and 2v2v2v2 team games.

The other thing that I would change is the room names. It should be auto-setted to the items that are chosen. Because there are situations when I come into the "thin team" room and it turns out to be gs.

Averazon † † (not verified)

As far as I know, there are no plans for 'Curve Fever 2 remasterd." What you saw on the homepage was a playtest for gamplay on Curve Fever Pro. This is not a cf2 remastered, CFPro is a very different game.

The developers don't work on CF2 anymore. The only thing they would do is fix a major bug or problem but they don't add any content to it. I don't think they are planning to do so in the future anymore either.


CF2 Remastered (and yes, I think they're working on a newer version,  they surely didn't invite people to "Play test the new Curve Fever gameplay" without a solid reason).

Sorry for disappointing you, but CF2 won't get remasterd at this moment or changed. They are talking about  CFPro is not CF2 at all.

--> I will close this topic and you can continue and the already made topic CF2 remastered.

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Averazon on 10 August, 2018 - 12:32