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icons and chat 'mooh'

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icons and chat 'mooh'

1st of all I am going to start with something that is sometimes annoying for me, I don't know how it is for other people but when you die, your Icon gets coppied on the map in front of your line. So could this be removed if this doesn't take a lot of time. But if it does take alot of time, idc that much if it stays.

I would like to ask that we can turn the filter (mooh) on and off so we can decide for ourselves if we want to see the censored words or not.

I know this is the case in many online games so why not on curve fever?

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icons bother me too, sometimes you can't see a hole clearly.

but I don't think developers will change this...

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The tombstones are already noted as "annoying" to users. 

I don't think time should be spent on this mooh filter toggle (my personal opinion). Reason being it effectively advertises to users that offensive chatting is allowed and adds extra complications to the rules which could bring significant controversy etc. I will add it to the suggestion list though.