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When I was playing with some friends we got the idea to have the same icons.  It would look awesome and would show we stick together. Maybe you could add something like a clan icon. It would be created by the clan leader and all members of the clan would see it in their inventory just like other bought icons.

I guess the problem could be icons for free arent interesting for the developers so their could be different examples between the clan leader can choose. One with some stripes, the next could have a checkered pattern. Then you could choose the colours, add your clan name and you would have a unique clan icon.

The different options can be unlocked in exchange for coins.

I hope you understood my not very structured text. My english isnt very good.




A possible clan icon could look like this. But it doesnt have to include your clanname because this is visible in your clan tag. It could be a saying or a slogan matching to your clanname or your idention.

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SmashYou on 15 May, 2015 - 17:23