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I want this in new UPDATE

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Clan: CRO
I want this in new UPDATE

1st ...Remove elimination in 1st round of knockout... (avoid being killed by laggy snake and eliminated (everytime good players loose -25 of rank))

2nd... It's annoying to don't know what is 2nd powerup (or 3rd ) activated ... There is enough space for right-up corner to show what powerup is activated and time left for every of those!

3rd... Report lagger button... If lagger is reported more than 10 times in 15 minutes you should   give him  a "1-2 hours pause"... (Those who report but it's not true punish them with -250 coins)

Sorry for my bad english! ...

P.S. hope for some reward like special colour :D

Clan: KOLL
  1. 1st -> Happens! We all have to get used to this and you also win rank if other strong players get killed by a lagger (if you don't like it, play CurveFever2, it has no knockout :P ) 3rd -> Will never happen. Some people can't affort better internet(due to money, location, ...) and remember that they get killed way more often due to lag(everyone is lagging for them)
  2. You are at the wrong forum. CurveFever3 has it's own forum here:
  3. Expect a special colour, really???  :|   rofl




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It is not their fault that they lag! So that's really BAD idea!

And you are on CF2's forum not CF3.

Regards CF3 Faded.

Clan: CRO

Yeah , it's their fault... They don't need to download something when they play...or listen to music on yt... I downloaded music so I don't have that kind of problems...They will not loose anything...they will just get small pause... and that's it ! :D

Yeah.. Just saw I'm on wrong forum ! :D Sry !

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