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I want To download the C.F.

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I want To download the C.F.

To play 2-player game, from my computer when I invite a friend over, CUZ THERE IS A DELAY, when played online!!! It sucks so bad! For international games being online is a need, but for same computer with two players being connected has no purpose. Thank you and have a nice day!


ye idk why they focus on cf as a one keyboard game xd

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It's not possible to play cf2 offline if that's what you were looking for

my guide for improving cf performance 3.1


Try different browsers, or try flash projector that might help, or maybe there is still standalone version to download i dont know..

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Hello kiyyya,

There is a standalone for CF3, you can download it here : For CF2, I suggest the use of Flash Projector, as Kizza00232Jera suggested, this is closed to a standalone.
/!\ Some players noticed Flash Projector is not the best for playing CF2. A light browser like "360 Browser" might be better.

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