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I want To download the C.F.

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I want To download the C.F.

To play 2-player game, from my computer when I invite a friend over, CUZ THERE IS A DELAY, when played online!!! It sucks so bad! For international games being online is a need, but for same computer with two players being connected has no purpose. Thank you and have a nice day!


ye idk why they focus on cf as a one keyboard game xd

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It's not possible to play cf2 offline if that's what you were looking for

my guide for improving cf performance  2.0

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Try different browsers, or try flash projector that might help, or maybe there is still standalone version to download i dont know..

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Hello kiyyya,

There is a standalone for CF3, you can download it here : For CF2, I suggest the use of Flash Projector, as Kizza00232Jera suggested, this is closed to a standalone.
/!\ Some players noticed Flash Projector is not the best for playing CF2. A light browser like "360 Browser" might be better.

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The Curve Fever team

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