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I feel stuck here...

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I feel stuck here...

For a while now, I have had the Rocket. I am not very good and the Rocket is fast, so I have a hard time while against skilled players. I am really aiming for Snail, so I go in Arena 3 and I have spent thousands and thousands of gold, unable to get first becuase everybody has Snail, my goal curve. What should I do? Buy Dragon and maybe get more used to that or keep spending heaps until one day I get first?

Thanks in advance.

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Clan: BCSC

there is a forum for cf3, , this is the cf2 forum, u will be helped on the cf3 forum if u state ur problem there

kind regards

It is a mistery to me

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Malmaarsmals058 is right. By the way, I can play good with cube and rocket too, not only with snail. Cube is my favourite curve. Just practise  and you will be that skilled who has chance to win with every curve... Regards Sauz.

( My nick in CF3 is Faded, so feel free to add me there. :) )