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I crash into nothingness, and yellow is all over the map

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I crash into nothingness, and yellow is all over the map

this is how the game ended, completely unfair


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When the snakes are moving so fast, if someone lags a bit then it can cause this issue. This is very difficult to solve in such a fast time. It is not hacks. Please bear in mind that if a user does this A LOT on purpose then it is considered cheating and you should post in the cheater forum with your evidence.



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He did this in multiple games :(

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 This is easy to fix but almost no1 wants my solution. As I know you can still play with a ping of 280ms with peeks to 450ms depending on how many players are in the room without getting a slow connection (tested hardware moderated lowering the signal of my wifi in the router) anyway the slow conection should start at around 120ping in my opinion but yh 30% of the ppl would be unable to play (would fix problems for american server, all Americans would be forced to play on there!)

Other solution that I already suggested and took down for privacy reasons was to show ping of every player even when there would be a toggle button to make it able if others can see it or not. This was taken down also for privicy reasons. Kinda weird because it will be your own choice to show your ping or not, selfie forum should be removed since it is personal information even when it is your own choice to post.

God, only wanted to write like 1sentence or maybe 2 but stuff keeps just poping up in my head, the lagg symbol is still not working properly. think its not hard to fix lagg symbol comparedto my other 2 ideas above

but yh maybe we should wait on cf3 and see what that gives.


Tranquility I know you already what you are going to post. Unless you are going to say that one of my ideas is good wich you wont, spare yourself the time off writing an essay.


i dont lag always but sometime i lag hard maybe beaucause i'am from tunisia ? (africa)

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This bug however has nothing to do with lag, it is because of an error in our implementation of lag correction.

Im unable to find the posts you mention in your suggestions? Are you talking about ?

I cannot find any post or comment about showing the ping count, not even as a deleted topic. Showing a person's ping to the server would be just fine, and does nothing with their privacy (most games do this). However in our opinion showing the numbers could lead to discrimination based on ping. Instead we only show a "bad ping" icon for people that really have issues.

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