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i bought premium but didnt get it

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i bought premium but didnt get it

hi admins

few days ago i bought premium and 10000 coins, my credit card got deducted twice, but i only got the coins and no premium

on cf 2 (old/classic cf) 

my name is Guest 0009

transcatin ID for first one:  -

second one:  -

it was on july 27 



Averazon † † (not verified)

Hey Guest 0009,

That's indeed a problem! Sorry for the inconvinience :c

I removed the details you posted for safety reasons. Please contact the support service with your details and we will be happy to help you out :)

Support service: EMAIL: WEBSITE


Have a nice day c:

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Geert on 1 August, 2018 - 10:41

thanks averazon, i sent them a ticket using that website but i didnt get a reply :/ maybe i put the wrong email D: sorry for the trouble but can an admin please sort it :(



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Clan: MOD

Could you please just send an email to . We check our mailbox regularly and I bet on monday we will be able to resolve your issue



thanks, i sent an email :D