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How to report?

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How to report?

So the Tribunal website says 

How can I report somebody?
You can report a player directly from the Curve Fever game. This website is only for reviewing these reports. 

I'm probably blind, but I cant find it. So anyway, follow this link for a picture of a guy that deserves a ban imo: 


Clan: KOLL is the official report tribunal for CurveFever2. Your case belongs to CurveFever3.



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As Nowodny stated, this case belongs to Curve Fever 3. Try to ask on the Curve Fever 3 forum:

You can ask under the section ''help''

I don't know if it's still possible for you to report the user, but if you right click on a users name in chat, you will get some options and one of them is report.

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