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How to make a cheater report

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How to make a cheater report

This topic will explain how to make a cheater report. It is important for the moderators that the reports are as clear as possible so they can make a decision and respond quickly.

Do you think someone is cheating or behaving badly? Well here are links to the Curve Fever rules:

To create a report, go to the cheater forum and click on "New Topic".

Here is an example structure of a cheater report:

Who is cheating?
(insert the exact name or a link to their account, e.g. TheGordon - sorry Gordon!)

What rule are they breaking?
(e.g. > Playing against your own team in team matches)

What proof do you have?
(give screenshots, links to matches, or even a video)

Do you have anything else to say?
(e.g. They always play with the same user in the other team. Can you check this?)

Here are some examples of good reports:

Example 1 - a rank boosting case with match links and the accused accounts.
Example 2 - a user leaving team games on purpose, matchlinks and a screenshot.