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How does a ban from Tribunal looks like?

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How does a ban from Tribunal looks like?

I know this question could be labeld as stupid or futile, but I always wanted to know how a ban by the Tribunal looks like. I know you get notified by Email, but I am somehow intrested in how a message looks like. Someone is having a screen of it? Also please don't spam nonsense comments or similar stuff.


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Sorry for the late answer, you should post it in the Help! & Faq section in the future to get a faster answer!


Dear player, We received several complaints/reports from Curve Fever players about your brute language in the tribunal. You can see the reports on this link: . This has been your first time. We took action by banning you for [X] week. Next time we will ban you for [X] weeks. We, as in the Curve Fever staff and all the players of Curve Fever, tend for a community in which players respect each other to get the best out of the game. I hope you can understand your swearing is frankly intolerable in this policy. That's why we kindly ask you to change your attitude against other players. It's not much we ask from you and we don't feel like punishing you, so please don't disappoint us! Best wishes, The Curve Fever staff --------------------- If you think this decision is unfair, please respond to this email and your case will be reviewed by a moderator in an appeal process.

Also, when you will log in, an automatic message will tell you until what date you are punished!

~Keep Calm & Relax

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