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what I really hate: teammates who make a half camp that has no escape route.


Tips in thin teams:

-don't settle in a small camp if you see your opponents are trying to guard half the map. Always choose to attack.

-at the start (first 30 seconds), look at the map as a whole and not only your line. The start is crucial to making camps.

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Well since i been in this game long enough i can give you tip how to play speed if you are thin player.

Rule 1 never reveal that you joined speed game by accident and you thought its actualy thin.

Rule 2 If someones asks why you here at speed game, make logical explanation that looks true and radiates confidence

ps my personal favorit would be: Heh its actualy not me playing, i mean its not him, i gave account , to someone ranked 2000 and now you gonna get rekt. 

You can even use my explanation but change your rank to more realistic, obviously higher than your personal but not too high cause you fail everything opponents gonna realise you telling bulcrap stories.

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